Judith Stuart Photography
Alexandra Beller, choreographer, created 'other stories' with live dance and videography.

This series is based on the work of dancer/choreographer Rosalind LeBlanc Loo.

The work in progress by Bill Young and Colleen Thomas asks the question: “How do you search for balance?” by exploring the human condition of always being in a state of imbalance: Individuals, interacting with others, all reaching for balance create a collision of imbalances.

Individuality is expressed by one’s particular search for balance.

MOTHERS 2002. Choreography: Nathan Trice
MOTHERS is a part-fictional biographical series of solos based on the mothers of Mahatma Gandhi,
Ernesto “CHE” Guevara, Adolph Hitler, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr. andTupac Shakur. 
The solos, a procession of tableaus, imagine how each mother may have grieved just before, during, or after the loss of her son. 

This gallery contains images taken during various works in process and rehearsals.
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